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BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership

PIPS Student Profiles

Kate Earl (University of Liverpool )

Kate completed a five-week internship with the NNEdPro (Need for Nutrition Education / Innovation Programme). This internship aligned with Kate’s research but offered the opportunity to work outside of the academic research environment. The internship involved a broad range of activity including administration, data analysis and education. This is a great example of how much can be achieved in a relatively short time.

Pippa Harvey (Newcastle University)

Pippa was able to organise her own internship with global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in their laboratories in Boston, USA. This was partially funded by Pfizer with travel supported by the partnership’s bursary scheme. Pippa gained a lot from her experience both of working in an industrial laboratory environment but also for travelling abroad to complete an internship.

“I really value the experience I was able to gain in the scientific industry, and feel that it has enabled me to visualise how a career outside of academia might look. I was able to network with people in industry, build on my laboratory skills and get involved in another interesting project. And the added bonus of completing my internship abroad gave me an amazing opportunity to work, live, travel and make friends in America.”

Declan Gray (Newcastle University)

Declan worked at SCM Pharma, a contract manufacturing organisation specialising in the development and manufacture of clinical and commercial medicines, particularly novel, difficult and dangerous drugs. SCM is a growing company with over 100 employees across two sites in the North East of England.

Declan gained important industrial experience in a pharmaceutical company, and helped out with its testing and regulatory commitments. One of his main jobs was the environmental monitoring of the clean room facilities in which the drugs are packaged into their sterile containers ready for shipping, ensuring that there was no bacterial contaminant which could cause harm to the consumer. Declan said, “My three months spent at SCM Pharma were not only educational but they were extremely enjoyable. I am grateful for the opportunity.”


We hope the following list of internship opportunities might be of interest for BBSRC DTP students.