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BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership

Programme details

Year 1

A flexible training year of ‘Master class’ sessions, active learning workshops, online activities, cohort development and laboratory rotations, to provide you with knowledge and skills that underpin modern scientific research.

 The first semester will include:

  • ‘Master Class’ sessions on quantitative, computational skills and data management, which will feed into the BBSRC SysMIC programme ( 
  • An online course in ‘Research Skills and Applications’
  • Technology workshops as appropriate to your PhD project (e.g. image analysis, bioinformatics, crystallography methods, genomics and proteomics)
  • Internship (PIPS) training events

The second semester will include PhD work in the laboratory of your co-supervisor in a partner institution and your three-month PIPS internship, where these are appropriate. 

Years 2-4

In years 2-4, you will continue to develop your skills and understanding through a bespoke structured programme that emphasises individual training and cohort-based training, in addition to project-specific skills.

For example, you will continue to develop and test research ideas and learn how to:

  • Design good experiments
  • Analyse and present data
  • Communicate your work to other scientists

You will be strongly encouraged to publish your work in leading international journals, attend conferences at home and abroad, and get involved in other activities such as enterprise competitions and public engagement events.

By the end of four years, you will have become an expert in your research area and be ready to take the next important steps in your career.

Find out more about the PhD projects of our current students.

Programme benefits

  • An exceptional programme of research training
  • Around 16 fully-funded studentships across the partnership each year
  • Cutting edge technologies and state-of the-art facilities to deliver world-class results