Alexander Macquisten

School of Computing Urban Sciences Building Newcastle University 1 Science Square Newcastle Helix Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE4 5TG


Dr Sara Johansson Fernstad and Professor Nick Holliman

My general path in life has been one of computing. I graduated from Loughborough University in 2015 with an Undergraduate Masters in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Following which I was a research assistant at Derby University, primarily working in the field of Computer Vision.

Overall my research interests lie primarily in Human-Computer-Interaction. I enjoy working on projects that allow me to develop new ways of providing more interesting and intuitive user interactions.

Mining the Biological Data Deluge: Interactive exploration of Extremely High Dimensional Data 

The rapid evolution of sequencing technologies over the years has significantly improved our ability to investigate biological entities. The interpretation of this extremely high-dimensional data has itself become a time and resource intensive task.

Analysis and visualization methods are typically designed for low dimensionality problems, they have limited scalability to support the exploration of these significantly larger and more complex datasets. Even existing solutions for high dimensionality problems can be limited in the scale they consider, often catered to deal with data in the tens or hundreds of dimensions, rarely considering thousands or more.

The project looks to develop methods that support the reliable and explorative visual analysis of this extremely high-dimensional biological data. With the research focusing on developing interactive and flexible visualization methods that enable the identification and investigation of interesting data subsets, along with supporting the gaining and sharing of knowledge and hypothesis generation.

This project will be collaborating with Unilever as part of the CASE studentship. Through direct interaction with their Bioinformaticians and Biologists, decisions regarding requirements and design will be grounded in actual user needs and cater to analysis challenges and domain problems.

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