PIPS student profile

Jack Pilgrim

Institute of Infection and Global Health University of Liverpool 8 West Derby Street Liverpool L69 7BE

I have also recently undertaken a 3 month PIPS placement in Melbourne, Australia investigating the potential of sand flies as vectors of disease.

PIPS Internship Organisation Name



Bundoora, Melbourne, Australia

When deciding on your internship, what did you want to experience and what did you hope to gain from that experience? 

I wanted to observe how scientists translate knowledge into practice in particular to understand the relationship between scientific work and policy development and implementation.  I also wanted to spend time in a different country and a different lab which would give me an insight into how different institutions function between countries.  Additionally I aimed to gain experience in new molecular techniques such as virus isolation which I had not undertaken before.

Did you get the experience you were expecting and did you achieve the personal development you had hoped to make? 

Yes, I feel I gained new knowledge in new lab techniques as well as being exposed to policy-making procedures.

Has the internship made you feel differently about potential career options and has it helped to put the skills from research into a broader context?

Certainly the translation of diagnostic and molecular methods into reports designed to inform on public health policy has put the potential of my project's results into context.  I enjoyed the internship to the extent that I would consider a government or policy-making career.

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