PIPS student profile

Pollyanna Moreland

School of Biology Devonshire Building Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU

PIPS Internship Organisation Name 

University of Kentucky


Lexington, KY, US

When deciding on your internship, what did you want to experience and what did you hope to gain from that experience? 

My main aim was to experience a different lab environment.  In my lab, I work in a very solitary way, I wanted to experience a large lab group as well as learning new techniques.

Did you get the experience you were expecting and did you achieve the personal development you had hoped to make? 

Yes.  I enjoyed working as part of a group and developed skills associated with working as a group as opposed to solitarily.

Did you discover anything about yourself or make any achievements that you were not expecting? 

Yes, I enjoy the science I do especially when I am surrounded by people who are passionate about it.

Has the internship made you feel differently about potential career options and has it helped to put the skills from research into a broader context? 

Yes, it has solidified the idea that I don't want to work in academia unless it is as part of a large group.

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