Omar Al-Jourani

0191 208 8711

Institute of Cell and Molecular Biosciences Newcastle University

Supervisor: Dr Elisabeth Lowe

I studied at Newcastle University and graduated with a BSc in Biochemistry and an MRes in Cancer research. I am very interested in protein biochemistry and its fundamental role in microbial glycobiology

Project Title: How does Capsular Polysaccharide Degradation by Group A Streptococcus contribute to its survival?

My project is looking into the potential mechanism that Group A Streptococcus may utilise to provide a food source for itself in the absence of a carbon source. This mechanism may rely on the digestion of its own glyco-capsule which is a virulence factor used to evade the immune system, yet is comprised of polysaccharides.

Other activities

Demonstrating/teaching at Newcastle University

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