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We hope the following list of internship opportunities might be of interest for BBSRC DTP students.

Oxford University Innovation - Life Sciences & Ventures Group Internship

Oxford University Innovation - Life Sciences & Ventures Group Internship

Oxford, UK

Closing Date 30 September 2019

Oxford University Innovation Ltd (OUI) is the technology transfer company for Oxford University, a world leader in translating academic discoveries into new products and services that will impact in wider society.

Please see the attached flyer for more details on the position and how to apply.

Oxford University Innovation Internship scheme flyer.pdf

Content team at FindAUniversity Ltd

Content team at FindAUniversity Ltd


Closing Date 30 September 2019

Please see the attachment below for a potential placement opportunity with FindAUniversity Ltd. This position is with their Content team and would be ideal for a PhD student seeking experience in areas relevant to digital publishing, science communication and higher education policy. This internship would be based in Sheffield, but they are able to assist with accommodation or commuting expenses where required. The NLD BSBRC DTP PIPS bursary would also be available. The timescale for the opportunity is flexible and applications are accepted all year round.

PIPS Placement (FindAUniversity).docx

Singer Instruments

Singer Instruments


Closing Date 30 September 2019

Lead Contact

Name- Dr. Oliver Jack Severn

Email address -

Phone number- (0) 1984 640226

Please apply through our website at:

Project Summary

The Research team aims to use Science! to achieve “A Responsibility to Science”. This means actively enquiring, and devising experiments that prove that our equipment facilitates, automates and accelerates scientific research - more so these experiments should be rigorous enough to reveal truth, free from investigator bias.

Project Outline

Singer Instruments is a fast paced SME environment. As such projects are subject to change as required by business need. Generally speaking, each project includes:

● Working with a robotic instrument to test its capabilities and investigate its restrictions. Previous examples involve producing bioart with colony pickers, investigating the use of fluorescent strains, and testing new detection algorithms.

● Collaborating with Engineering and Software on numerous projects, gaining and consulting with expertise. This has involved; coming up with hardware and software solutions to problems, QC of brand new software packages and production spec machines and also affecting the look, feel and function of new products.

● A desk based research piece. This is usually heavily tied to new product development, and hence tends to be the most secretive. Previous examples have included market research, as well as investigating how scientists perform work, and how this may change in the future.

Essential Skills

● An independent working style.

● A robust approach to reporting.

● Flexibility to sudden project changes based on business need.

● Adherence to non-disclosure agreements, as projects can include valuable prototypes and

intellectual property.

● It’s should be noted that no knowledge of engineering, software development or marketing is required. However, if the student does have an appropriate background, and wishes to investigate these skills further, cross departmental projects can be arrange.

Skills Developed

● Project Management

● Working heavily with robotic laboratory equipment, from early development prototypes to market ready instruments.

● Cross departmental communication (Software, Engineering, Marketing)

● Industry research processes.

Number of Placements Offered

Singer Instruments has a rolling intake of internships. It is usual for the Research team to have one intern at any one time. However this is subject to change based on project requirements. A maximum of 2 internships could be offered simultaneously within the Research team.

Possible Timeframe

A three month block is the usual placement mode, flexibility can be considered in special cases. Certain times of year are more competitive than others, and early application is suggested to avoid disappointment.

The Science Students’ Development Network in Africa (ssDNAfrica)

The Science Students’ Development Network in Africa (ssDNAfrica)


Closing Date 31 July 2019

The Science Students’ Development Network in Africa (ssDNAfrica) facilitates peer-assisted soft skills training and networking opportunities for undergraduate science students at Pwani University (PU) in Kenya, with the ultimate aim of creating an international network of science students who are empowered and equipped to fulfil the potential of their degree. Since 2017 we have facilitated three rounds of workshops at PU, each culminating in a students’ symposium. These workshops and events have been organised and facilitated by BBSRC PIPS students, who have been paired with supervisors at PU and travelled to Kenya for a 3-month placement. This offers PIPS students valuable experience in leadership, coordinating events, teaching at a university level and taking initiative in unfamiliar situations, while also improving the skills and experience of undergraduate students at PU.


1. Continuing ssDNAfrica’s flagship programme – the Good Research Practice (GRP) workshops
The ssDNAfrica GRP workshops and students’ symposium have run successfully at PU for two years. The workshops follow a peer-led team learning style and cover topics including giving a presentation, sourcing and referencing information, reading journal articles, and scientific writing. Following the series of workshops, participating students are invited to submit abstracts on their own research ideas, which are evaluated by an independent panel comprised of the ssDNAfrica team. The students with the best abstracts are chosen to present talks or posters at a Students’ Symposium, which is organised by the PIPS student. The role of the PIPS student includes preparing workshop materials, designing the schedule, moderating the workshops and organising the symposium. We are looking for 1-2 PIPS students to continue the GRP workshops in 2020.

2. Continuing ssDNAfrica workshops on career skills and/or gender issues
In 2019 an ssDNAfrica PIPS student led a new series of workshops on career skills including writing CVs, cover letters and job applications and preparing for interviews. These workshops culminated in a day of talks from professionals on their career paths. The PIPS placement also included facilitating discussion groups around gender-related issues at PU. Future PIPS opportunities include continuing these workshops

3. Designing and organising a new programme of workshops, outreach or other activities
A PIPS placement with ssDNAfrica includes the opportunity to take initiative and explore your own interests and ideas by designing and delivering a new training programme for PU students. Current ideas for new programmes include workshops on enterprise and entrepreneurship, leadership, wellbeing, and outreach activities involving local agriculture and health. We are open to PIPS placements focused on delivering new activities in 2019 and 2020.


To apply to do a PIPS placement with ssDNAfrica, please express your interest at

The Royal Institution - Masterclass Intern

The Royal Institution - Masterclass Intern

London, UK

Closing Date 01 July 2019

The Royal Institution (Ri) are looking for an intern to start in late September to assist the Ri team with administering and delivering its programme of masterclasses. This placement will involve working with the Ri during its busiest and most exciting time of year and would be ideal for anyone interested in learning more about maths enrichment activities in an educational setting, and STEM communication more generally. It is a full-time 12 week placement working Tuesday to Saturday, based in Central London with the requirement to travel to Masterclass sessions in London and the South East. Students will therefore be expected to base themselves within or near to London for the period of the placement. 

The closing date for receipt of applications is midnight on Monday 1 July and interviews are scheduled to beheld on Thursday 11 July.

Below is the job description for the internship in PDF.

For more information about the Ri's internship programme and details on individual placements, timeframes and how to apply, please follow this link:

Masterclass Intern - FINAL JD.pdf

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