Post PIPS requirements

Once you have completed your PIPS, you should complete two separate Post Professional Internship for PhD Reports.

The first is an NLD Post Professional Internship for PhD Reports which can be found here - This report is to enable you to feedback and reflect on your experience. The form is easy to complete and is very useful for future PIPS students. 

The second is an UKRI BBSRC PIPS report. The NLD DTP Team will provide your details directly to BBSRC, who will then send you a unique link in order to complete the BBSRC PIPS report.  The aim of this PIPS placement report is to capture information on your PIPS placement; including the major outputs, outcomes and impacts from your placement. The report also aims to capture the extent to which your PIPS placement gave you the opportunity to further develop skills or develop new skills. 

The information you provide in this report will be collated and made non-attributable. Your supervisors will not be able to view your response; however aggregated analyses may be shared with DTP Management Boards. 

Please note, both post PIPS reports must be completed within 3 months of your placement finishing.

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