Application & bursaries

NLD BBSRC DTP students are able to apply to take their Professional Internships for PhD Students (PIPS) at any number of locations and hosts throughout the world.

How do I apply for a PIPS bursary?

In order to gain approval from the NLD BBSRC DTP Management Committee for your PIPS you must complete the Approval and Bursary form. You will also be able to request funds via this form to assist in covering costs for any travel and alternative accommodation if you are a living away from your usual accommodation for the duration of your PIPS. You can also claim up to a maximum of £25 per day for food and drink (no alcohol), if you are staying in non-self-catered accommodation (reimbursement for food and drink will be via a payment request form once receipts are received). Please ensure to include the £25 per day food and drink cost in your application if it is required. 

You must also ensure that you let your home university know where and when you are completing your PIPS and ensure you follow local procedures for recording this.

Please note that there is no formal limit to the amount you can request to cover PIPS costs; applications are reviewed individually, although we expect any costs claimed to be reasonable. 

What happens after the PIPS and bursary is awarded? 

Once the DTP Management Board approves the PIPS application, the DTP administration team will contact the student to confirm approval and to outline the next steps. The approval email will detail the approval of the bursary funds (for example if all of the bursary is awarded the approval will note this; if any items in the bursary application are not awarded, these will be detailed). The approval will also include details of who to contact regarding making travel or accommodation bookings - slightly different processes are in place for each NLD partner University. If your PIPS takes place in an NLD city (away from your home city), you may be able to book student accommodation, depending on the time of year you are looking to book. Please contact to discuss. 

The approval will also detail the next steps to complete any paperwork your home institution will require for you to go on your PIPS, plus details of the reporting required by the DTP and BBSRC, once you have completed your PIPS. 

If your PIPS is not approved by Management Board, you will have a chance to resubmit an application if you wish. Occasionally Management Board require some further information regarding the PIPS or the bursary, before approving the application. 


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