Additional funding opportunities

All our BBSRC DTP students can apply online for further funding to enhance their student experience:

DTP training grants - The DTP training grants enable students to pursue additional training opportunities. All BBSRC DTP students are eligible to apply for additional funding for training (not including attendance at research conferences).  Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis.  Students must be in the PhD years of training and are expected to have engaged fully with DTP events.

Retrospective applications will not normally be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances.

PIPS Bursaries - The PIPS bursary can help students with the costs associated with doing an internship away from their host institution. Once you have completed your PIPS we also request you complete the Post Professional Internship for PhD Report.

Doctoral Career Development Fund - for students funded by NLD BBSRC DTP2 and who have submitted their PhD thesis on or after 1 January 2021, or have an expected submission date before 30 September 2022. 

The new DTP Doctoral Career Development  Fund (DCDF) will support eligible DTP2 candidates and recent graduates to build on their doctoral research, PIPS or CASE placement or any other training they received in their BBSRC DTP studentship to; 

  • Develop new  lines of research for Fellowship applications: 
  • Explore new interdisciplinary research and innovation collaborations: 
  • Explore the application of their doctoral research and/or training beyond academia for economic or societal impact in other sectors.

Please see our guidance for more information and here for the application form.

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