Prospective hosts

Prospective Hosts

If you you would be interesting hosting a NLD BBSRC DTP PhD student for the PIPS please see the details below:

  • How much do I have to pay to take an intern? Internships are supported through the studentship and this includes a bursary for travel and lodgings. Hosts are encouraged to contribute to those costs if they wish to but this is not a requirement. Note that hosts are normally expected to contribute any consumables costs for the internship.
  • What paperwork is required? The student will need to complete an outside of study form for their University but only other requirements are what the host organisation requires.
  • What might an intern do for their host? The internship should be suitably stimulating for a doctoral candidate, other than that the boundaries are set by you as a host.
  • How long does the internship last? Internships are up to three months in length, students may opt to split up the three months between two hosts so they can be shorter.
  • How long in advance can the internship be arranged? As long as the student, supervisors and host organisation agree a timescale, any time is possible.
  • Does the internship need to be in a single block of time? No - internships can be split over an extended period while the student continues with their research project.
  • Who can be an internship host? Anyone who can provide a stable working environment for a research student is eligible. The only stipulation is the internship must be outside of the academic research environment.
  • How do I make an agreement with the DTP to host a placement? No agreement or paperwork is required, if you have a suitable position please contact the DTP with the role description, closing date if applicable and application details and we will circulate to our students for you.
  • How can I let PhD students know that I am looking to recruit someone for a placement? If you email with a role description and application instructions then we will circulate this opportunity to all applicable students within the DTP.

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