To be successful candidates of the NLD BBSRC DTP we offer a fully funded four-year doctoral training programme*. Your PhD project will be jointly supervised by academics from more than one partner institution and you will receive the highest levels of support and training that are tailored to individual and project needs.

You will learn new skills and techniques to ensure the success of your project and you will be provided with a variety of personal development opportunities, including:

  • A flexible and supported 12 week laboratory rotation in the co-supervisor’s laboratory in the partner institution
  • Annual training events that allow you to find out about other projects and research areas, network with other researchers and acquire new skills including; the SysMIC online training which enhances maths and computing skills in the bioscience research community, Professional Internship Placement Event, Enterprising Researcher training, NLD BBSRC DTP Annual Conference, North East Postgraduate Conference and the Writing Retreat which advises students of techniques to help improve their writing skills and get the most out of their time spent writing
  • A flexible and supported three-month professional internship in related areas, for example, business, policy-making or the media which can be taken at any point during years 1-3 of your PhD
  • Courses in interdisciplinary skills that are increasingly important to cutting edge bioscience research as well as available funding for courses or training hosted by external providers
  • DTP Training Grant availability to enable you to attend workshops and visit research groups to advance your skills training

These additional events and interactions make BBSRC studentships an outstanding training opportunity for a career addressing the challenges in 21st century bioscience.

*Based on meeting BBSRC funding requirements.

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