Year 1 (2023/24 entry)

You will attend:

  • Friday 20th October 2023 - DTP Induction - Liverpool 
  • Tuesday 17th - Thursday 19th October 2023 - Intro to Data Science (R for Beginners) training - (online)
  • Friday 3rd November 2023 - NEPG Conference - Newcastle/Virtual
  • Friday 22nd March 2024 - PIPS and CASE event - York
  • Friday 17th May 2024 -  Enterprise Event - York 
  • Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July 2024 - DTP Conference - Durham

Year 1 (2024/25 entry)

You will attend:

  • October 2024 (date to be finalised) - DTP Induction - Liverpool 
  • October/November 2024 (dates to be finalised) - Intro to Data Science (R for Beginners) training - online
  • Tuesday 5th November 2024 - NEPG Conference - Newcastle
  • March 2025 - (date to be finalised) - PIPS and CASE event - York
  • May 2025 - (date to be finalised) - Enterprise Event - York
  • July 2025 - (date to be finalised) - DTP Conference - Durham

Years 2 & 3

In years 2 & 3 you will continue to develop your skills and  understanding through a bespoke structured programme that emphasises  individual training and cohort-based training, in addition to  project-specific skills.

For example, you will continue to develop and test research ideas and learn how to:

  • Design good experiments
  • Analyse and present data
  • Communicate your work to other scientists

You will be strongly encouraged to publish your work in leading  international journals, attend conferences at home and abroad, and get  involved in other activities such as enterprise competitions and public  engagement events.

During years 2 & 3 is when most students opt to take part in  their Professional Internship Placement and work in industry for 12  weeks or more (indeed this can be split into two or more periods at two  or more different places if required) and gain valuable experience of a placement in industry.

Year 4

By the end of four years, you will have become an expert in your  research area and be ready to take the next important steps in your  career. You will also have the opportunity of attending a Writing  Retreat where you will receive support and guidance in how to improve  your writing and make the most out of the time spent writing up your  work for submission.

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