Elise Ling


Institute of Cell and Molecular Biosciences Newcastle University

Supervisors: Professor Caroline Austin, Dr Tim Blower, Professor Bert van den Berg and Dr Ian Cowell

I studied biochemistry at Newcastle University and in my final year I completed my undergraduate project in Prof Austin’s lab. I thoroughly enjoyed the project, the field of research and was fortunate enough that Prof Austin had a BBSRC DTP PhD position available which I applied for. My research interests include protein biochemistry and structural biology.

Project Title: Structure and Function of DNA Topoisomerase II Beta

My project involves performing structural and functional studies on a range of topoisomerase II beta variants.

Other activities

I am attending the EMBO DNA Topology and Topoisomerases in Genome Dynamics conference in Switerzland in September where I will be presenting a poster and giving a talk at a LS2 (Life Sciences Switerzland) workshop.

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