Steven Bell

Department of Biosciences Durham University Stockton Road Durham DH1 3LE


Dr Adam Benham and Dr Arto Maatta

I am a second year PhD student at Durham University. I studied Biomedical Sciences (2012-2015) at Durham University and moved onto the Masters of Biology Undergraduate Course where I looked at Ero1a and its involvement in GI cancer with Dr Adam Benham. I then worked as a research assistant for a year (2016-2017) to gain extra laboratory experience.

My research interests include protein folding and how it becomes less effective as we age and how it can contribute to cancers. I am also interested in helping bring improvements to the post-graduate experience in the Biosciences department.

The role of chaperone networks in skin ageing 

My project involves collaborating with P&G and looking at a protein quality control pathway present in human facial skin that becomes altered as we age. My project aim is to characterise the regulatory response to stress and in turn ageing on these skin fibroblasts, in the hope that materials will be able to be tested that can target this network and improve the quality of the extra cellular matrix. Studying these mechanisms in fibroblasts and other skin cells will allow for the creation of novel products that can help alleviate the effect of stress and ageing on the skin.


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