Bioscience for Health

We have a strong research portfolio in bioscience underpinning health and our primary focus for student training within this area is on lifelong age and wellbeing.

Coping with an increasingly older population is a global challenge. Projects in this area will aim to make a significant contribution to extending and improving the quality of lives around the world.

We have established international centres of excellence in ageing research and we also provide access to modern laboratory facilities to support training and research across this priority area, including:

  • A Campus for Ageing and Vitality at Newcastle, which is world-renowned for its research to understand the mechanisms underlying the ageing process and its impact on the human body, supported partly through a £21m NIHR-funded Biomedical Research Centre in Ageing.
  • Liverpool University’s Institute on Ageing and Chronic Disease, which brings together world-renowned departments in musculoskeletal biology, eye and vision sciences and, obesity and endocrinology
  • Research to uncover how fundamental physiological and genetic processes change with age within the Institute of Integrative Biology at Liverpool
  • High-spec laboratories supporting genomic research (including bioinformatics support), proteomics, biophysics and bioimaging across the partnership

Please see our Case Studies for BfH students here


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